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@ Administrators  - Founders & Administrators of the hPlay's community.

@ Global Moderators - General acces over the hPlay's forum. Acces to warn/ban members who don't respect the rules.

@ Moderators - Acces over a specific category.

@ Scripting - Scripters who offer free/paid offers for servers.

@ Server Manager - Server owner, acces over his server's category.

@ FiveM Team - FiveM members of staff, acces over the FiveM category.

@ Server Admin - Server admins, acces over the specific server category.

@ YouTuber - Youtubers with over 2.000 subscribers. (PM @Maverick for this)

@ GFX Designers - The community designers, offers free/paid artwork, acces over the Design category.

@ Contest winner - This rank can only be get as of winning one of the hPlay's contests. (Can be held for 1 month)

@ V.I.P - This rank is not obtainable by regular users, it gets by old community members/staff, who helped the community.

@ Diamond - This rank can only be obtain by users who support us with more then 100 euros.(PM @Maverick / @VinoVat for this)

@ Clan Leader - This rank can be obtained by registering a clan with minimum 7 members(including you) on hPlay's forum.

@ Girls - This rank can only be obtained if you're a girl. (PM @Maverick for this)

@Members - You get this group when you register.


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